PDG Encoding System Instructions

Getting Started

Log In. Go to https://pdgprod.lbl.gov/pdgprod/PdgWorkspace/ and log in. You should see "Encoding System" on the top of the screen, as shown below. If other roles are enabled for you, you may have to click on "Encoding System" to bring up.

The encodings

If there are any papers ready for you, they will show up under "Pending Tasks." If you are the overseer for a section and your encoder has not yet completed their work, you will find these unfinished papers under "Future Tasks."

  1. Check out the information for a pending task - if you would like to see the PDF of the paper, click the paper icon next to the reference in the "Paper" column.
  2. Click on the task, for example "AAD 2013AD."
  3. You should see the screen below, with four tabs. Encoders will start on the first one, "reference details." Overseers will start out on the last tab, "review & sign off," so they will need to click on the first gray tab to go back to see "reference details."
  4. Click on the next tab, "add measurements." For examples of the syntax to use, put your mouse pointer over the question marks in boxes near each heading. Please leave the charge empty unless needed.
  5. If needed, click on the next tab, "toolbox" to enter new decay modes and branching ratios. Not all encoders will need this page.
  6. The final tab, "review & sign off" gives you the opportunity to generate a PDF with your new work, click "view rpp for XXX" where XXX is your node.
PDG encoding checklist and useful PDG macros here.

Some screenshots of using encoding interface are available here.

If you would like to download a pdf of these instructions, it is available here.


Style Guide

Please enter authors as "A. Bcdef," not "Bcdef, A."

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can I email with problems and suggestions? Please email pdg-feedback-workspace@pdg.lbl.gov with a detailed description of your problem, including the browser type you are using. Screenshots can also be helpful. Before sending, please check here to see if your problem has already been reported below.

Assignment Questions:

What do I do if the Encoder and Overseer show up as "unassigned"? The overseer (or whole Meson Team, for example) should see a link above the tasks that says "edit encoder/overseer assignment." Clicking that allows one to make the assignments.

Requested Features & "Features" already reported

Some sections of the PDG have special needs, so will not find everything they need included. Please email us to let us know what is missing for you so that we can improve the system for the future.

Urgent requests with the highest priority (Feb. 2015):

  • Able to filter the non-ascii and html code characters in the encoding interface.
New requests(March 2014):
  • The decay mode toolbox creates decay in S086 with "B(s)()0 --> ..." instead of "B_s()0 --> ..."
  • Allow to add new paper within assigned responsibilities.
  • Allow to sign off for both encoder and overseer
  • Future tasks should be all tasks minus completed tasks. Right now Future tasks = all tasks ?
  • Add measurement, it would be good to have an ability to search for specific node.
  • Add a flag for a new measurement used in the existing fit or not, which may be case dependent.
  • Add a existing footnote as a link, instead of cut and paste it again
  • Fixing the missing nodes at the end in "add measurements" for S051, S042, S086 (and perhaps many others).
  • editing and fixing mis-spelled encoding paper names, and sometimes, the name is too long to fit in RPP, for example: WERTHMUELLER 2014
Urgent requests(Jan 2014):
  • I see "Add Reference" and "Log Viewer" applications for user haber@scipp.ucsc.edu, person_id=3412. Those should not be there. Do you know if that is only on pdgdev or also on pdgprod?
  • Currently coordinator does not seem to have access to any tasks he coordinates. This is specially a big problem for Meson Team,
    as EIDELMAN cannot see what his team has done so far, but also for VOGEL/PIEPKE team for neutrinos. Perhaps a new filter option?
  • Some people do copy-paste from MS-Word (I guess) to encoding interface and we see non-ascii characters in the database. Could we protect against that?
  • The footnotes that have been deleted and are marked in the database as footnote_linkage.publication_status = 'D' are still showing up
    in the "review & sign off" tab. They should not. E.g. ReviewEncodings.action?encoding=18500 for ABE 2013E (PR D88 032002), node=S067T13 occurrence=3.
  • when a new particle is added by an encoder/overseer in the paper tab "reference details" the responsibilities are left null even if possible to assign them. (I am not sure we have this already on a list of tasks to do.)
  • Raffelt has some comments about an impossibility to pass information about a verifier of the paper, see below. This could be addressed
    by an option of general note to overseer/editor.
  • Could you, please, put on a to-do list for encoding interface lookup for technique, institution, verifier, maybe even journal.
New requests (Jan 2014):
  • It would be good to have some examples that use tex macro, so people know what to do in comment and footnote.
  • There is error when saving to the database, it's good to have an error message and point out where the error is, instead of clean up the field completely.
  • When people mark the paper or measurement empty or comments to the overseer, it would be good to provide a comment field to use.
  • When there are multiple pairs of encoder/overseers, we want to make sure they could see all encodings, but only allow to make changes to their own encoding, not others.
  • Link as helper somewhere for the list of abbreviations for the Institutions, collaborations, techniques, experiments.... etc from http://pdg.lbl.gov/rpp/encoders/technique.txt
Current reported problems (5 Nov):

  • Once a paper has been signed off, the person who signed off should not be able to go to Completed tasks and edit it. For example, "Sign off Encodings" (again?), "Return to Encoder", inputting the data, e.g. author name, should not be allowed.
  • A link saying "Questions? Problems? Suggestions? Please see this webpage." should be added as a footer with a link to this page.
  • When I enter something on the reference details page and go to add measurements without pressing Save, the system should ask me if I want to save or discard my changes, rather than just losing them.
  • If one accidentally marks a paper as empty, there should be a way to unmark it.
  • Once one has typed the Node on the "add measurements" panel, there could be a button to display the node below in the Data Block Browser.
  • Some links are broken for the papers. Chinese Physics C journal does not work with our current system, we are working on it. For other journals, INSPIRE may not have not put those publications into their database yet, so until this happens you need to go directly to the journal. If you can find the link in INSPIRE but it is broken in the PDG system, please email pdg-feedback-workspace@pdg.lbl.gov.
  • Under "review & sign off," authors display in the wrong order: "et al, A. Bcdef" instead of "A. Bcdef, et al."
  • The "toolbox" tab does not render the equations well in Chrome, and slowly in Firefox (some parts take a while). Solution for now: use a browser other than Chrome if desired, we are working on it. (See attachments 1 and 2.)
  • When there are less than 50 Data Blocks in the Data Block Browser, the site should not display "View other blocks." Instead perhaps "1-N" for N = the number of blocks (rather than 1-50) and/or "Viewing all blocks."
Longer term requests:

  • When adding a new decay mode, I don't see how to make it show up in the Add Measurements menu. It appears in the toolbox menu correctly. When adding a new decay mode, it does not appear to allow editing it after hitting the button to Create New Decay. When adding a new decay mode, it does not appear to allow a two-stage decay, or to allow a footnote explaining something (which is not uncommonly needed).
  • When there are more than 50 Data Blocks in the Data Block Browser, it can take a few seconds to display, and can be difficult to find the block you are looking for. The same holds for the toolbox - it is too slow. Now, you can type the Node in as you would have before for the "add measurements" page. In the future, we want to group them in clumps as they are in the database. For example, for B's, "semi-leptonic," "charm decays," etc. Switch to processed ascii to display these for quicker rendering?
  • Kaons: The kaon listing will need an additional field in the encoding tool. Some of the measurements will need to have the variable "TYPE" defined in the database. The TYPE field can also be empty for some measurements. The only affected nodes are S010, S011, S012, and S013 so we just need to enable this feature for those four nodes. The possible values of TYPE are CPT, noCPT, UNIV, noUNIV. Maybe this can be done more generally? Either display fields dynamically based on the non-null entries in measurement table columns for a given data-block, or add an extra button for "extended" measurement entriesthat would add some more predefined or node-dependent list of column text entries.
  • Verifier: need a better scheme, user should be able to look up verifier in person table (need corresponding team entry), or add verifier himself, then add that verifier in interface.
  • When adding a measurement and the Comment uses a macro that doesn't process correctly, no error is displayed - they symbol just isn't shown.

Questions? Problems? Suggestions?

Please make sure your problems or suggestions are not already listed above, then email pdg-feedback-workspace@pdg.lbl.gov .

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