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Tools and Documentation for PDG Collaborators

Please note: this is a private area for PDG Collaborators only

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  • Your current responsibilities: see PdgWorkspace under Settings > Responsibilities.
  • The Responsibilities tool in PdgWorkspace allows you to browse responsibilities by author or topic.
  • To print a list of responsibilities, you can use the PDF files below. However, they are updated only infrequently. For current responsibility assignments always check PdgWorkspace.


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META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="reviews-2018-09-12.pdf" attr="" comment="Review responsibilities as of 2018-09-12" date="1536787552" name="reviews-2018-09-12.pdf" path="reviews-2018-09-12.pdf" size="47434" user="beringer" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="PDGManual-draft-v0.3.pdf" attr="" comment="PDG Manual (draft version 0.3)" date="1538613965" name="PDGManual-draft-v0.3.pdf" path="PDGManual-draft-v0.3.pdf" size="1324150" user="beringer" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="PDGManual-v0.4.pdf" attr="" comment="PDG Manual (version 0.4)" date="1540429055" name="PDGManual-v0.4.pdf" path="PDGManual-v0.4.pdf" size="1371726" user="beringer" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="listings-2019-05-31.pdf" attr="" comment="Listings responsibilities as of 2019-05-31" date="1559347258" name="listings-2019-05-31.pdf" path="listings-2019-05-31.pdf" size="45590" user="beringer" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="reviews-2019-05-31.pdf" attr="" comment="Review responsibilities as of 2019-05-31" date="1559347276" name="reviews-2019-05-31.pdf" path="reviews-2019-05-31.pdf" size="48489" user="beringer" version="1"
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