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Reviews in Latex: how to

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    • add a reference to it in BASENAME-main.tex using the following command: \cite{Tanabashi:2018oca}
  • In case the reference does not appear in INSPIRE, use the standard convention for the label: BASENAME:_meaningful_name
  • In case you need to add multiple references within the same set of brakets, use the following code: \cite{paper1,paper2}
  • In case you want to cluster into one reference multiple papers, use the following code: \cite{paper1,*paper2,*paper3} Note the use of the asterisk to signal trailing papers. If a paper is preceded by the asterisk, it can't be cited separately later - latex will fail and provide an error. In general, the recommendation is to cite papers individually, without using the asterisk to group them.

Save your changes

  • Once you're done with your changes, you can check the updated source code into svn (or send it to the overseer or the editor). If you work with svn, make sure you run the following command from the directory where the Latex version of the review was downloaded.
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