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Hints for Installing and Running LaTeX

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Hints for using LaTeX on MacOS

We recommend either MiKTeX (https://miktex.org) or Texlive (https://tug.org/texlive/) with MacOS.

There are several guis available. On MacOS we recommend TeXShop. In TeXShop you should use the typesetting command 'pdflatexmk'

You may use TeXWorks instead if you prefer. TeXWorks is included in MikTeX. For instructions on configuring TeXWorks for the PDG LaTeX environment, see the notes below in the Windows section. They also apply on MacOS.


Hints for using LaTeX on Linux

The standard LaTeX distribution on Linux is TeXLive. How you obtain it depends on what distribution of Linux you use.

On Fedora Linux the TeXLive distribution is broken up into many packages. You will find that "dnf install texlive" will only install the basic packages, and you will not have everything you need. It will probably be easiest to use "dnf install texlive*" if you have plenty of disk space. This will install all available texlive packages.

On Ubuntu, go to the software center and search for texlive.


Hints for using LaTeX on Windows

Use MiKTeX (https://miktex.org) to process LaTeX on Windows.

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MikTeX comes with a GUI editing/processing programs called TeXWorks.

To use TeXWorks with the PDG LaTeX environment you will need to make one small configuration change.

1) Start TeXWorks and choose "Edit"->"Preferences"


2) Click on the "Typesetting" tab.


3) To the right of the box that says "Processing Tools", push the "+" button.


4) Name the new tool "PDG-BibTeX" and specify the program "miktex-bibtex.exe"


5) Next to the box that says "Arguments", push the "+" button. Type "$basename.1" on the line that appears.


6) Click OK

To compile a PDG review, open the tex file in texworks, then execute these commands





This should properly compile the review, with all references and labels.

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